About Rolling Ridge Deck Company

Take an energetic young man, a lot of creativity and design ability, and mix it with a need for decks and what do you get? Rolling Ridge Deck Co. is what you get. Barry Streett broke all the rules by going into business during a recession in Maryland in 1988. Twenty -two years later, and the business is still going strong. In 1995, after vacationing, skiing and hunting here in Colorado, Barry moved the company and his then girlfriend, now wife, out to Colorado. Both swear it was the best decision they ever made.

Barry’s wife, Barb, when not busy with their two children, Bryce and Maggie, acts as the company controller, is in charge of the company’s advertising and generally all things office related.

Barry worked in civil engineering and learned a lot, but decided he would prefer to work outside while still using his creative genius. He decided after a short time in the corporate world that he’d rather be the boss of his own ideas.

The company has designed and built more than a thousand decks since 1988. Although the average deck is in the neighborhood of 500-600 square feet, they have also worked on some monsters.

They work with many wood types as well as many of composite decking materials. They say they have noticed a trend toward the composites because people just don’t want to have to spend the time and money staining their deck every year. They say that the composite decking is beginning to come with a lot more selection in style and color. Rolling Ridge’s work comes with a 5 year guarantee as long as the deck is maintained properly.

Barry said he’s proud of how his company has expanded through the year. He feels that the company is the right size now to ensure the quality work they want to produce. It also allows him to have a little family time, which is very important to him. His goal is to give you better quality for the least amount possible. The work comes mostly from referrals and word of mouth advertising. One of the reasons they feel their move to the Conifer/Evergreen area was a wise decision is the friendliness of the people here and the loyalty shown to local businesses. They say that one of the hardest parts of their job is scheduling. The decking business is one that can easily be pushed off schedule by snow, wind, and other forces of nature. A plus of the small town mindset found here is that people are understanding of delays as long as they are kept informed. And as we know, it can snow one day then be in the 50’s a few days later.

According to Barry they are busy all year, but their biggest rush is from March through September. He advises people thinking about a new deck to start the process of scheduling in winter or they may not be scheduled until much later. He also recommends viewing the work done by a decking company before hiring to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples and hiring someone capable of giving you what you want. Rolling Ridge does not have a lot of competition because of the creativity they put into their custom design work. To see some samples of their work, view deck pictures in the portfolio section of this site. Their physical portfolio, if you are interested in seeing more samples, has a few hundred pictures.

If you are looking for a quality deck from a company that guarantees their work and stands behind it, a company that knows the decking business from the ground up, Contact Us. We want to be the mountains’ deck company.